This fabulous journey was started 40 years ago. In the town having mother nature's blessings, Jadhav family started a guest house named kalpana lodging. Mr.Namdeosheth and his wife Mrs Jayawanti former president of Mahabaleshwar Municipal Council with their overwhelming nature guest once came to their lodging became a family member of unit,we served school tours,conducted tours ,shooting units.

As time went on all family guests had a strong demand for a renovation in their home away from home. The entire Jadhav family has been in the guest service for the last 4 decades. After knowing guest nerves a renovation was done with all modern amenities Hotel J's Excellenccy was re-opened in 2014-2015. In a few years time it became a popular ,highly recommended hotel in Mahabaleshwar main market town serving guests with all the modern amenities .